Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anubis?
Anubis is an ID scanning technology tool for venues that helps verify a guest's ID against the person.

Traditional ID scanning technology has been available for some time now, but what sets us apart is our face recognition algorithms that make it much more accurate than before.

When a person is banned from a venue, it means that they are not allowed to enter the premises. This is done in order to keep people safe, as the person who has been banned may be violent or pose a threat to other customers.

In addition, banning a person from a venue can also help protect the business itself. If someone is causing trouble or damaging property, the venue can ban them from returning in order to avoid further issues.

Banned behaviors are left to the venue's discretion. The most common banned reasons include: 

- Underage Individuals with Fake ID's 

- Assault 

- Sexual Assault

- Destruction of Property

- Theft

Yes, once you are banned at one location, If you try to scan your ID at another, the venue will be notified that you have been banned on the Anubis network and the reason why. From there, the venue can let you in at their own discretion.

To get off the banned list, a guest would have to contact the venue they were banned at. From there the manager or head of security can modify the ban if deemed appropriate. 

Privacy & Security

Is my data shared or sold?

No, your data is not provided to 3rd party providers, outside of law enforcement if deemed necessary. 

Our servers are HIPAA compliant, which means that your data is protected by some of the strictest security measures in the world. We take our responsibility to protect your data very seriously, and we will never sell or give away your personal information.

The information you submit will be shared only to the venue you've scanned your ID at. Your details will be automatically checked and – if verified – only the venue requesting the verification will receive your ID information for a limited time.

When your ID is scanned, we collect the following information:
- First Name
- Age
- Live Photo (a photo of the person's face as they stand in front of a blue screen)
- ID Photo (an image that is used to verify an individual's identity)
- Gender (either M or F)
- Postal Code/Zip Code.

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