Know who's coming
in and out of your venue

ID Fraud Detection

Our proprietary fraud detection algorithms spot fake, borrowed, expired, and underage ID’s in a matter of seconds.

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Powerful Face Recognition

Powerful Face Recognition

Powered by the latest technology in AI, our advanced facial recognition verifies guests' facial features against their photo IDs with 99.7% accuracy.

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Ban Troublemakers

Ban guests who cause trouble in your venue so they'll be flagged the next time they visit, preventing further damages.

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Cloud Networking

Easily manage your security system from one convenient location. This cloud-enabled device allows you to register and control multiple scanners simultaneously, so you can keep your business or home safe and secure.

The Anubis ID scanner networks with other venues using Anubis, so you can be notified if someone banned from another location tries to enter yours. Make informed decisions about who is allowed into your premises with the help of Anubis!

  • Manage Multiple Devices

    Control multiple scanners under one network and manage data from all of your devices with ease using our management portal

  • Be notified of troublemakers banned in other venues

    Reduce incidents by as much as 97% by spotting trouble before it becomes a problem. Receive alerts when troublemakers scan their ID including details on why they've been flagged.

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Management Portal

Be in the know, carry your venue activity with you. The portal updates live guest scans every few seconds. Access guest history to ban individuals, and review your demographics.

Key Features

  • Manage Devices
  • View Demographics
  • Live Guest Stats
  • View Ban History
  • Add & Edit Guest Bans

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