Anubis – Next Level ID Verification For Bars, Nightclubs, Retail and Liquor Stores


Creating peace of mind, one scan at a time.

Ensure compliance and the safety of your guests with Anubis ID verification technology.

Because even a trained eye isn't 100% accurate.

Todays fake ID’s show little to no signs of alteration to the naked eye, making verification difficult for even trained professionals. With identification playing a central role in both safety and screening on-site, this challenge exposes businesses to financial damages. Anubis provides a turn-key solution that has proven tremendously effective at protecting owners’ investments.

How it works

At point-of-entry or point-of-purchase, guest hands any form of ID to staff. Staff points ID to reader. Reader instantly moves to face recognition if all information is verified. 

In a fraction of a second, our facial recognition software will match the live person to the photo ID and let you know if its a match.

Staff will verify information and close or choose to ban guest. 

Key Features

ID Verification/Authentication

Its often difficult to verify the age, spot fake and expired ID’s of all customers. With Anubis, you can easily verify age and keeping track of who’s coming in and out of your venue.

Face Recognition

Powered by the latest technology in AI, our advanced facial recognition verifies guests facial features against their photo IDs with 99.7% accuracy.

Unified Network

Coordinate with other venues and work together to identify troublemakers.

Ban Troublemakers

Easily ban guests who cause trouble in your venue so the next time you can stop them at the door. The admin portal helps you easily keep track of banned guests even with staff turnover

Troublemakers jeopardize your business.

Keep out troublemakers who put your business at risk. You can scan the ID of the person you are banning and it will alert security the next time the guest tries to visit. Your staff will also be alerted if a patron has been kicked out of another similar establishment. This will help create a more enjoyable experience for your customers knowing they can be safe from unruly guests.

Premium hardware from the inside out

Rugged & Waterproof

The handheld is designed to operate in extremely harsh environments and conditions. Rest assured knowing our quality hardware will withstand not only repeated drops, but also exposure to water, dust, sand, debris and extreme temperatures.

Fast ID Authentication

Scan an ID and match the individual in a matter of seconds.

Long Battery Life

Battery lasts upto 12 hours on a single charge.

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